Vial Necklace.

The vial necklace collection has such a magical amulet feel to it. Choose from compost, crude oil, holi powder, Pacific ocean and sand to wear around your neck as your own personal protection from the wrongs of evil. A collaboration between Alexandra Cassaniti and Unearthen.

4 Comments on “Vial Necklace.”

  • karey m.

    jaw. dropped.

    i need to see these closer. wow.

    01-27-10 » 5:14 pm »

  • Simply Mel

    Ahhh…to be able to take the Pacific with me wherever I go!

    01-27-10 » 6:45 pm »

  • Katie

    The thought of wearing a little bit of ocean around my neck during the winter is quite appealing.

    01-27-10 » 7:19 pm »

  • Rebecca (Dog-Eared)

    ooh, i lived in CA last summer and missed it a lot more than i thought i would. obviously i need the pacific ocean vial!!

    01-28-10 » 2:33 am »

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