Lehel Kovacs.

There’s something about black line drawings with large fields of color that make me stop and stare each and every time. If it involves buildings and killer architecture there might even be a little drool involved. Budapest-based Lehel Kovacs has both down with his google street views series. He even threw in some pretty hand-drawn type, taking it to over the top awesome. {via ink + wit}

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  • Lost Bird Found

    Love this!

    01-29-10 » 7:30 pm »

  • Jay Tee

    Oh, this is fabulous. I am jealous that I did not adorn my journal with architecture first.

    01-29-10 » 7:44 pm »

  • Dressing On The Side

    yes! have you seen our pizza shirt?
    check out the architecture here:
    *we totally understand if this is not approved :) we just wanted to share the love

    01-29-10 » 9:11 pm »

  • Amy

    These are great! I love the hand drawn lettering and how each is different and sort of representative of the location.

    01-30-10 » 6:38 pm »

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