Word: Crow and Canary.

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A lady for whom people make assumptions about.
Her vermilion lipstick is the only rebellion she allows herself.
She reflects a stranger few, if any, truly cipher.

A woman in which nothing is insurmountable.
She prays that her momma’s heart isn’t shattered by the news.
On this stagnant summer evening, everything changes.

~ written by Carina of Crow and Canary ~

4 Comments on “Word: Crow and Canary.”

  • Alisa

    Wonderful photo! Don't we all want to be so glamorous and mysterious!

    02-02-10 » 3:21 pm »

  • The Zhush

    HI! Just found your lovely site. The photos…and that Alan Alda quote!
    Will be back for more! (and, thanks for introducing me to SFgirl as well!)

    02-02-10 » 4:19 pm »


    Great little vintage inspiration.
    We all should worry about shattering our Momma's heart.

    02-02-10 » 6:26 pm »

  • Krista

    ooo. i love this one!

    02-02-10 » 6:44 pm »

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