Word: oh, hello friend.

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i dream a dream
in a room
with balloons above
thirteen balloons
the room is colored
red and white
where am i going
do you remember
up up and away
i go
perhaps i can fly
to castles in the sky
or by the sea
stay a while
here with me
be my friend
and we can fly
around the moon
feel the sun
then awakened
i will await
return soon to
my world of dreams

A big thank you to Danni of oh, hello friend for sharing her words! Be sure to check out her lovely, inspirational blog as well as her darling shop.

2 Comments on “Word: oh, hello friend.”

  • karey m.

    i love this little sprite.

    well done, danni! perfectly dreamy.

    02-16-10 » 3:18 pm »

  • henzy

    lovely words.. good job danni

    02-16-10 » 4:51 pm »

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