Win It: GREER Chicago.

My love affair with GREER Chicago began a few years ago when I was first immersing myself into the world of letterpress and paper goods. Because, well, they have it all. GREER is a one-stop shop of awesome and I’m dying to get to their brick and mortar location to see it all in person (and meet the lovely Chandra!). But for now I’ll just have to live vicariously through the two of you who will be winning your own lovely pile of goodies like the one above.

To Enter, Tell Me:
1. What’s your favorite shop online that you wish had a brick and mortar location in your city?
2. Your email address.
3. Do it all before Monday, March 1st at 9am CST.

Please leave only one comment. Those who do not leave a valid email address will be disqualified. Winner will be selected randomly and contacted Monday, March 1st.

56 Comments on “Win It: GREER Chicago.”

  • Agustina

    My favorite shop online in Buenos Aires is http://www.etsy.com/shop/jimena!!


    02-22-10 » 3:59 pm »

  • Jeanette

    My favorite (this month) online shop is "Mothology". I don't think they have a B&M but I wish they did.

    02-22-10 » 4:10 pm »

  • Amy

    Rachel Pfeffer Designs (www.rachelpfeffer.com)


    02-22-10 » 4:18 pm »

  • Whatever Dee-Dee wants

    I wish we had either a Paper Source or Hundreds store.


    02-22-10 » 4:33 pm »

  • Krista

    I love Ruche! I very much wish it had a store near me – although I do love that not many people outside of the blog world know about it!


    02-22-10 » 4:40 pm »

  • steph

    I love MaraisUSA. The shoes are just…too good. I don't know if they have any brick and mortar locations, but at least they're online!


    02-22-10 » 4:53 pm »

  • Liz

    My favorite online shop is by one of my favorite friends:


    Fabulous custom stationary and other printed items.



    02-22-10 » 4:56 pm »

  • Sommer

    Hands down Ikea. It's probably a really good thing we don't have one here though I'd shop too much!

    sommerdterry (at) gmail.com

    02-22-10 » 5:10 pm »

  • Meg

    I wish we had 2 Peas in a Bucket in here or a shop with designed patterned papers :)


    02-22-10 » 5:11 pm »

  • Heather

    I would love a local Publique Living/Publiqueshop.com

    heather (dot) herzfeld (at) gmail (dot) com

    02-22-10 » 5:29 pm »

  • Maria

    Either ModCloth, or Fish's Eddy. Totally unrelated stores, both equally cool and equally unattainable in Columbus, OH. Thank goodness for the internet!


    02-22-10 » 5:39 pm »

  • Zapfina

    1. I love The Harbinger Co. (www.theharbingerco.com)! ModCloth too–good call, Maria.

    2. cmorrowlynch@gmail.com

    02-22-10 » 6:11 pm »

  • Amanda

    My favorite online shop is:


    They make hand blended perfume oils based on characters from history, poetry, art, etc. They have so many scents. Unfortunately, I think they're an online-only company.

    I also wish there was a Container Store anywhere near me!


    02-22-10 » 7:46 pm »

  • Donovan

    I wish my OWN site, 16 Sparrows, had a brick and mortar. I'd make it a partial post office as well. http://www.16sparrows.com


    02-22-10 » 8:28 pm »

  • kelsey

    only recently acquainted with Greer Chicago, i'm already considering a trip to the windy city to stock up. looking at their website creates a tactile desire for a los angeles shop.

    but since you've already claimed Greer as your brick and mortar want, there's a store that closed here and is in the process of building their website: http://www.elephantgifts.com. i miss going in and browsing and chatting.


    02-22-10 » 8:33 pm »

  • Emily Lynn

    I would definitely have to say Johnny Cupcakes. It's the cutest screen printing shop ever, but there's only a couple on the east coast and one in LA. I do love online ordering though!


    02-22-10 » 8:39 pm »

  • liz

    Oh my, I would die if Toast set up shop in SF. http://www.toast.co.uk/index.aspx


    02-22-10 » 9:28 pm »

  • ksexton

    cb2.com or etsy.


    02-22-10 » 9:29 pm »

  • Albertine Press

    I love Greer and Chandra is the bomb. But if I had to pick a store, I'd say I wish there were a Bell'occhio in Boston.


    02-22-10 » 9:30 pm »

  • Whitney

    Will you believe that I live literally a block away from this place? And have never been in? I will have to change that.

    I would say I would pick Shoshona Show Ceramics. Her stuff is amazing (I have a pieces) but its so expensive to ship. http://www.etsy.com/shop/shoshonasnow

    02-22-10 » 9:35 pm »

  • kate

    I'm not going to lie…. Mod Cloth.

    love, Kate

    02-22-10 » 10:33 pm »

  • Robyn

    I'd have to say Veer! Can't get enough of it. :)


    02-22-10 » 10:39 pm »

  • Andi Morales

    Fred Flare :) love that online shop! So cute!!

    02-22-10 » 11:07 pm »

  • Serif

    It'd be pretty impossible, but having a GIGANTIC B&M Amazon.com would be mind-blowing. 😉

    shelovesthemoon at gmail.com

    02-22-10 » 11:35 pm »

  • amy

    I wish we had an Anthropologie!
    I just love their site!

    leman.amy{at}gmail {dot} com

    thanks!!! great giveaway!!

    02-22-10 » 11:45 pm »

  • allison

    I wouldn't mind if there was Lulu's-they have great stylish clothing at affordable prices!!

    allison.leman at gmail dot com
    love your blog!

    02-23-10 » 12:32 am »

  • stephanie

    i wish we had a shop by egg press up here in alaska!


    02-23-10 » 12:33 am »

  • Anonymous

    I love modcloth.com. It is vintage, trendy, and uber super cute with decent prices.


    02-23-10 » 1:48 am »

  • Mariana

    the curiosity shoppe! i feel like i could spend hours there but i can't, so i spend some time here: http://www.curiosityshoppeonline.com/index.html


    02-23-10 » 2:22 am »

  • gwen

    I wish Geninne had a real-world shop here, I'd be able to spend rainy afternoons looking around


    02-23-10 » 2:28 am »

  • alexkeller

    i'd love for any number of stores and shops, but Paper Source in particular. i miss being able to physically see the colors and feel the textures.

    02-23-10 » 3:49 am »

  • everyday inspirations

    I wish I may,
    I wish I might,
    I wish we had
    an Orla Kiely shop in sight.

    Like right next door would be oh so convenient. And a killer on the bank account. Bonus, no overseas shipping. There's a positive in everything ;P

    catherine s.
    imaginethatdesign (at) yahoo (dot) com

    02-23-10 » 4:35 am »

  • Ananda

    I'd love to have a brick and mortar Fred Flare (http://fredflare.com) in my city, specially because they don't ship to Brazil. :/


    02-23-10 » 12:52 pm »

  • uglygirl

    I'd love to have a Sycamore Street Press (letter press stationery and art prints). Maybe they could sell macarons in their store for me too?

    elissa at iinet dot net dot au

    02-23-10 » 2:11 pm »

  • April

    Def Nasty Gal! Their shoe and vintage is pretty freakin awesome.

    thehipsterhome (at) gmail (dot) com

    02-23-10 » 5:10 pm »

  • Lila

    i can't actually afford any of their stuff, but man oh man would i love to try it on!

    battisl (at) carleton (dot) edu

    02-23-10 » 8:11 pm »

  • Laura


    I believe they do have stores but none that close to me. I order online which comes from Germany :(

    purplefaery5 at hotmail.com

    02-24-10 » 3:12 am »

  • C

    Sephora. You'd think there'd be one in London, but there isn't! It's so hard finding American makeup brands here.

    kiwigrl22 at yahoo dot com

    02-24-10 » 12:46 pm »

  • Allywan

    I really wish we had an urban outfitters, or american apparel, or a lush. It's like I live in the boonies!


    02-24-10 » 5:45 pm »

  • Melissa

    The Paper Source. I have spent so much money in shipping over the last decade! When I visit a city that has one, I end up shopping till I drop. :) It'd be way more convenient to have one in Philly.

    02-24-10 » 5:49 pm »

  • Leanne

    Japanese Modern Design is my favorite online store. There are products are proof that design can be beautiful and functional.

    If they had a store in Phoenix, I'd probably go there a few times a week to be inspired and of course buy myself a weekly gift. :)


    02-24-10 » 6:14 pm »

  • Anonymous

    Being from Canada, there are plenty of stores I wish I could get my little tush into on a regular basis. Nevermind all the fabulous indie design online stores (wouldn't that be nice), I wouldn't mind having a real life Anthropologie store to browse now and again.


    02-25-10 » 12:08 am »

  • Playitoncesam



    02-25-10 » 7:35 am »

  • tvmom

    of course all stuff Etsy. Also, Shade would be cool.


    02-26-10 » 5:21 am »

  • Sandy

    I love Mod Cloth but I don't know if they have any actual stores! I'd love to spend a day trying on all their cute dresses though!

    02-26-10 » 9:35 pm »

  • Design Candy

    Would love a Paper Source store here in NY…also, Repro Depot for fabrics!


    Thanks, hope I win!

    02-27-10 » 12:59 am »

  • Nina

    I too would love a Mod Cloth! And definitely some of the wonderful etsy shops out there!

    ninarucker (at) gmail (dot) com

    02-27-10 » 1:32 am »

  • Addie

    lierbemarlene vintage sells vintage clothes she's thrifted online through ebay. How i wish she had an actual shop!



    02-27-10 » 9:50 am »

  • Jenni

    I wish there was a GMUND paper boutique in Minneapolis.

    02-27-10 » 1:29 pm »

  • kittycat

    h&m ! oh how i wish

    email address: imnotyour_star{at}yahoo{dot}com


    02-28-10 » 7:27 am »

  • Fashion Nerd

    I wish The Small Object had a real-live-brick store near me – it has such cute things! 😀


    02-28-10 » 8:53 pm »

  • Darling Kelsey

    Orla Kiely in Indianapolis please!


    03-01-10 » 2:06 am »

  • Courtney @ splashing grace

    all things etsy

    03-01-10 » 2:10 am »

  • phetched

    It may not be too original or exciting, but I *need* an Apple store here in Asheville – the closest is 2 hours away – and a Kiehl's, for sure. (Luckily they usually have free shipping.)

    03-01-10 » 2:00 pm »

  • Stephanie

    I would have to say CB2!!

    -Stephanie E.


    03-01-10 » 2:09 pm »

  • ks

    LOVE this giveaway–it's a great idea.

    I'm about to make my own pilgrimage to Greer, and can't wait.

    I wish I had an Aedes de Venustas near me, although I'd have to get a second job to support my cravings if so. Everything about it enchants me.


    03-01-10 » 2:24 pm »

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