Liberty of London for Target.

I’m really looking forward to the Liberty of London for Target release March 14th, but when it comes right down to it I’ve only got eyes for this bicycle! I haven’t owned one since college and I’m thinking it might just be the springtime gift I’m looking for to buy myself.

4 Comments on “Liberty of London for Target.”

  • Elizabeth

    I'm really really trying to think of a reason I might need a new bike, this is just too cute to pass up.

    02-23-10 » 3:11 pm »

  • Kelly

    and it's really affordable which is the killer. only $199!


    02-23-10 » 3:14 pm »

  • AmberLee

    for real? pinch me.

    02-28-10 » 5:37 am »

  • bekah

    wait til you see the new Liberty of London MAC cosmetics collection. It is truly amazing!

    03-01-10 » 6:46 pm »

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