Blog It Forward: Inspiration.

I’m so excited that my day has finally arrived for the Blog It Forward mashup! Victoria put so much work into organizing everything and making it all just so that I hope you’re following along. In case you missed it, here’s the full schedule of posts and blog links. I did a little of this and a little of that and before I knew it I had an entire alphabet’s worth of photography before my eyes that had me ooh-ing and aah-ing. So without further ado and any attempt at witty banter, here’s my photographic index of inspiration.

{Space Potato}
Breakfast for Dinner.
{gut buster}
{via ffffound, no trackback source}
{Artur Debat}
{Accuracy & Aesthetics}
{the wee pixie}
Glove Models.
Ice Cream.
{Devil’s Angel}
Jewel Tones.
{Sean Tubridy}
{James Herman}
Mid-Century Modern.
{jenny murray}
Paint Chips.
Road Trips.
Shiny Things.
{Audrey Hepburn Complex}
Vegging Out.
{Ellie Niemeyer}
{ivy style33}
{Alexander Binder}
{via ffffound, no trackback source}
Catching some ZZZs.
{Vogue Korea}

22 Comments on “Blog It Forward: Inspiration.”

  • glynis

    I love it! What an awesome book this would make…?

    02-24-10 » 3:32 pm »

  • Brandie

    Fabulous list! I love it all but my favorites are road trips and kitsch – combine the two and you have perfection in my book!

    02-24-10 » 3:56 pm »

  • Sandy

    I was totally thinking about doing an Alphabet Inspiration list for one of my blog posts too, and now I want to do it even more! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your list and the images! I think the Organization one is neat, I try to arrange me and my husband's clothes by color order, of course it's easier to do his b/c he has less clothes than I do. This last catching some ZZZs one is funny and random! Love the dress the girl is wearing! Great work on this! I love seeing everyone's Blog It Forward!

    02-24-10 » 4:22 pm »

  • philo-cook

    I found your post because Glynis tweeted about it. (Thanks for the treat, Glynis.) Love the photo selection. Thoughtful, fun, and entertaining… Looks like it was fun to put this together.

    02-24-10 » 4:51 pm »

  • Jeanette

    I love your list! I would make almost the same exact list. Laughing, White & Mid -Century Modern, totally with you. My deep love of Nutella is well documented. You lost me with Tatoos – my 24 year old daughter shocked me with hers! Also, glove models, funny one. My favorites of yours which I would have never been clever enough to think of are Education and Yeses. Perfect list. Creative and Well Done Indeed!

    02-24-10 » 5:24 pm »

  • Allyn

    pretty post. really enjoyed the photographs. and uhm…what's not inspiring about nutella? love that stuff. : )

    02-24-10 » 5:30 pm »

  • coolhntr

    you had me at breakfast for dinner.

    thanks for sharing your list with us.

    jen wheat

    02-24-10 » 5:31 pm »

  • karey m.

    favorite favorite favorite.

    02-24-10 » 6:29 pm »

  • stephanie

    i think this set of pictures is, by far, one of my favorite sets!!

    i LOVE breakfast for dinner. seriously, i could eat it every day.

    02-24-10 » 6:31 pm »

  • Design Candy

    How clever! I absolutely LOVE the alphabet theme! I agree with Glynis…this could be a book :)

    Awesome post, thanks for inspiring me today!!

    02-24-10 » 7:01 pm »

  • alyson

    um, awesome. one of my favorite BIF posts so far, BY far. especially love this impossibly small quill and tattoo pic. :)

    02-24-10 » 8:36 pm »

  • An Affair With Fashion

    Love your post! Definitely relating to you from A to Z!

    02-24-10 » 9:30 pm »

  • Marisa Midori

    Love your blog-it-forward ABCs! Glove models? Intriguing. Thanks for introducing me to the work of Sean Tubridy.

    02-24-10 » 10:11 pm »

  • SonyaMac

    Well, what can I say, beautiful selection and placement of images…from casual to dramatic…eye candy with music…love the rhythm here.

    02-24-10 » 11:33 pm »

  • Arcadia

    breakfast at dinner is the only way to eat! loved this post, i'm a frequent reader of your blog.

    02-25-10 » 2:14 am »

  • WI live DE

    that ice cream looks yummy! and i loooove the paint chips at the hardware stores.

    and nutella. oh man. have you seen this: http://livewide.blogspot.com/2010/02/nutella-snack-drink.html

    02-25-10 » 4:02 pm »

  • Joanna Goddard

    these are wonderful! i love that cute puppy!!!

    02-25-10 » 5:30 pm »

  • M and E

    Wonderful bunch of photos! thanks for sharing them with us!

    02-25-10 » 9:07 pm »

  • Shayna

    great, now i want ice cream and breakfast. lovely images!

    02-26-10 » 8:07 pm »

  • The Zhush

    That was great! Loved it.

    02-27-10 » 8:29 pm »

  • the yellow house in the U

    I was so caught up in the images I only realised it was an a- z at umbrella!

    03-02-10 » 10:27 am »

  • sfgirlbybay

    sorry i am so late to the party! but i love this! i'm still playing catch up! thank you for joining in and sharing such great inspiration! :)

    03-31-10 » 1:10 am »

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