Paperleaf Eyelashes.

Inspired by the Chinese art of paper-cutting, Paperleaf’s fashion eyelashes are a detailed statement of delicate. Although I’m quite sure my eyes would start watering the moment they were adhered to my eyelids. Yes, I’m a baby.

4 Comments on “Paperleaf Eyelashes.”

  • Allison

    I love these! They are breathtaking!

    02-26-10 » 5:29 pm »

  • michelle @ blissful musings

    Woah these are crazy! I'm with you. I think my eye would start watering which would lead to a black running glue mess. I'm amazed at the detail of the designs though.

    02-26-10 » 8:01 pm »

  • Richie Designs

    wow those are amazing!

    02-26-10 » 10:05 pm »

  • basho

    Agree. I have to plan my makeup between eyes watering every day. [Too many years of not wearing it, I think.] But they are beautiful.

    02-27-10 » 1:10 am »

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