Vosges Easter 2010.

My day was made when I received a surprise box from Vosges with a few samples from their Easter 2010 line of goodies. Including this yummy Amalfi Bunny (lemon zest + pink peppercorns + white chocolate) and these delicious Bacon and Eggs (soft bacon caramel + dark chocolate). Can’t wait to dig in! PS: The rest of the Easter line is equally drool-worthy!

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  • rexbarrett

    If you'd like, I can come over and share my treats with you… assuming you'll share your treats with me. Currently I have Vosges' Red Fire Exotic Candy Bar, Black Pearl Exotic Candy Bar, Matcha Exotic Candy Bar, Organic Peanut Butter Bonbon Bar and a Ritter Sport Marzipan bar for good measure.

    03-11-10 » 2:47 pm »

  • Kelly

    we can totally share! i actually thought about you when these showed up in the mail. :)

    03-11-10 » 2:48 pm »

  • rexbarrett

    That is the best! I doubt the people reading my blog will send me anything of use. You are a lucky girl!

    03-11-10 » 9:27 pm »

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