I Like to Draw.

I like to draw. I am awesome.

Those are the words etched into these two blue pencils. The set comes with a notepad that’s handbound and features fifty pages of ideas to draw at the top of each, from Draw a picture of your meal and don’t forget the crumbs to Draw a picture of a map of a place you would like to visit. {via Mixed Plate}

4 Comments on “I Like to Draw.”

  • joanna

    I think i might need to get these for my sister! love the packaging.

    03-31-10 » 2:28 pm »

  • ampersandity

    so cute! i love all the different ideas on the pad. :]

    03-31-10 » 2:55 pm »

  • stephanie

    i love this!

    03-31-10 » 5:07 pm »

  • {lovely little things}

    these are awesome!

    04-01-10 » 1:46 am »

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