Monkeys Always Look.

I came home from work yesterday to find the guy who mows my lawn going at it for the first time this year. And then I panicked. Because all I could think about was the three months of dog crap in my backyard that I had planned on scooping up this weekend. No, really. But he just ran it all over and I checked “fertilize lawn” off my list! Now I can focus on planting.

Or I could have someone talented plant things for me in cute terrariums and call it a day. And not have to step in mulched dog crap to see results.

5 Comments on “Monkeys Always Look.”

  • Sandy a la Mode

    i LOVE these cute terrariums! i love how they are clear so you can see everything about how it's growing!

    04-02-10 » 2:08 pm »

  • Jillian Frances

    The first dog crap pick-up of the year is the worst part of Spring. I wish my lawn guy (boyfriend) had mowed over ours.

    04-02-10 » 3:06 pm »

  • Pixie

    hahahahaaaaa….that's too funny. I don't have a dog, nor do I have a yard, so my question is: what do you do with the poop after it's scooped? lol

    04-02-10 » 5:01 pm »

  • Jennifer

    That is hilarious! He killed two birds with one stone without even knowing it. Don't tell him or he'll charge you extra next time 😉

    04-03-10 » 2:24 am »

  • Aron

    That's Hilarius–what great timing. I love terrariums. We did a bunch this weekend actually.

    04-04-10 » 11:52 am »

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