Farmers Market Baskets.

These sweet bone china farmers market baskets are just in time for summer bounty of berries. I’d much rather put them in my fridge or on my counter than the containers the berries are sold in. So stark and clever. {via wide open spaces}

3 Comments on “Farmers Market Baskets.”

  • Law of Attraction

    My sister did this type of slip awhile back and I love it. The berry baskets are the best.

    04-07-10 » 3:10 pm »

  • Allison

    I love these! You always find the neatest things :)

    04-07-10 » 3:27 pm »

  • Jessica

    These are perfect! I only wish they had a little tray on the bottom to catch drips.

    04-08-10 » 11:10 am »

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