Shabby Apple’s Bridesmaid Collection.

Shabby Apple, whom I adore, recently launched their bridesmaid collection. Every single dress is handmade to order down to the details. The silhouettes are flattering to most body types, there’s a huge range of sizes and they’re affordable. Win, win, win. And do chic you don’t even need the excuse of a wedding to add one to your wardrobe!

3 Comments on “Shabby Apple’s Bridesmaid Collection.”

  • Rex B.

    Love that first shot. Beautiful.

    05-13-10 » 1:40 pm »

  • Tanya (a Taste of T)

    Love that last one in front of the red car. Not to shabby…eh? eh?

    05-13-10 » 2:20 pm »

  • J and K


    I'm going to David's Bridal by the end of next month to be fitted for something that is so not these. It's not bad but it's no shabby apple.

    05-13-10 » 7:44 pm »

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