Jack Pressed Glass Bead Pendants.

Oh, Tom Dixon, you’ve gone and melted my heart again. This time it’s with your Jack Pressed Glass Bead Pendants. I love their heavyweight, industrial style and all of their little imperfections. And that green tint? I do. {via Better Living Through Design}

6 Comments on “Jack Pressed Glass Bead Pendants.”

  • Jane Flanagan

    Adore these!

    05-19-10 » 7:15 pm »

  • orange sugar home

    oh so cool!! that color is amazing. wonder where to put one….over a desk, in a closet, a bunch over a kitchen island?

    05-19-10 » 7:23 pm »

  • Kathleen

    These are beautiful. I love how they look like a bit like jewelry.

    05-20-10 » 1:41 am »

  • caitlin.d

    super gorgeous… who knew you could fall in love with lights?

    05-20-10 » 2:24 am »

  • Alexa

    Wow. These are incredible, really unique and I love that color!

    05-20-10 » 3:15 pm »

  • Jeanette

    I would love to have a cluster of these hanging at different lengths to form a chandelier of sorts – very cool.

    05-20-10 » 3:35 pm »

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