Lemonade Party.

I’m passing on this idea for a Lemonade Party from Cheeky Kitchen because it immediately had me thinking of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. But really, who wouldn’t love a Lemonade Party any day of the week? (Or perhaps jazzed up with a little vodka for a Lemonade Happy Hour? Oh, yes.) All you need is a batch of lemonade syrup concentrate and loads of pure fruit ice cubes. Okay, my mouth is watering a little just thinking about all that puckery goodness…

3 Comments on “Lemonade Party.”

  • Tanya (a Taste of T)

    YUM. Refreshing with a kick. Me likey.

    05-25-10 » 8:52 pm »

  • YnR

    Just discovered your super interesting blog!!
    -thanks for spreading the lemonade idea, it sounds like a great thing to drink in the sun! And they look amazing!

    05-26-10 » 4:03 am »

  • megpies

    great idea~! I'm having a party this weekend and wanted something fun and cold to drink. Perfect!

    05-26-10 » 7:54 pm »

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