Picture It: The Beach.

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  • Amy@OldSweetSong

    Ugh. This one hurts and reminds me I am very much not at the beach right now.

    05-25-10 » 9:01 pm »

  • Claire Gibson King

    great post. i can't wait for summer!!!i just love love love the beach!

    05-25-10 » 9:42 pm »

  • Tanya (a Taste of T)

    These are so full of energy. Stunning!

    05-25-10 » 11:14 pm »

  • Kate

    This is a truly fitting post for my day. I'm busting out of Oklahoma in a couple of weeks to spend six whole days in San Diego! I've never been to California (sad, I know)–as a matter of fact, I've never seen the Pacific Ocean (just realized that one). Purchased plane tickets today, let the countdown commence…

    05-26-10 » 4:30 am »

  • Jeanette

    Love love love these images. One in particular reminds me of a beach I went to in Playa Del Carmen once. Wonder if it's the same place. How I would like to be there right now…

    05-26-10 » 4:51 pm »

  • Off The Peg

    The beach is my favorite place. Thanks for the lovely pics

    05-27-10 » 12:22 pm »

  • Dressing On The Side

    we love umbrellas on the beach. thigh highs? hmmmmm

    05-28-10 » 4:29 pm »

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