Happy Weekend.

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+ I have the hardest time getting rid of books, so I’m loving these ways to repurpose them.

+ A trip to NYC is order so I can try Guerilla Ice Cream, where the flavors are inspired by social movements, for myself!

+ I’m sitting here wondering where my thirty balloon send-off was for my 30th birthday. Hmm.

+ Excited to try out this DIY sailor’s knot doorstop project.

+ I’m in love with these grid backgrounds for iPhones. Mine is sporting the light blue.

+ This weekend has these rum-soaked grilled fruit skewers on the menu!

+ The most versatile little black dress in the history of LBDs.

+ The prettiest underthings.

Happy Weekend!

5 Comments on “Happy Weekend.”

  • Apt. #34

    happy weekend to you my dear – hope you're well – love the bangs!

    06-25-10 » 8:27 pm »

  • Pixie

    If you DO go to NYC, you also have to find the Big Gay Ice Cream truck! It is amazing. I had a vanilla ice cream, dolce de leche and sea salt cone dipped in chocolate. I thought I had died and gone to food heaven right there in Union Square.

    06-25-10 » 11:48 pm »

  • katie

    love the picture and the list of links! especially the LBD, i love that whole idea! im thinkin i now need to find the perfect LBD and play with my whole wardrobe!!

    06-27-10 » 9:10 pm »

  • The Lil Bee

    What a crazy photo…it just took me a couple minutes to figure out how it was executed. So neat!

    Love the idea of a sailor's knot doorstop, too. I'm going to bookmark that one:) xx

    06-28-10 » 3:49 pm »

  • Andy

    Hello! I was just searching for images of icecream on google images and came across your blog. The pic you used is a picture of me that I asked my friend to take in Sydney.

    Anyway…glad you liked it!


    11-16-10 » 2:27 am »

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