Mini Designer Chairs.

There’s a good chance hell will freeze over before I own more than the hope of a designer chair. But I can clearly see these mini designer chairs lined up on a few shelves in my office. I probably need them. Yeah, I do.

3 Comments on “Mini Designer Chairs.”

  • Claire Gibson King

    ohh such a fan I am of these chairs…all of them. I remember having to make/build the Rietveld Red and Blue chair in design school.I would be a happy happy girl if I had a the real thing of anyone of them in my living room!

    07-29-10 » 2:11 pm »

  • PicklePetunia

    Just saw them yesterday at kidrobbot. LOVE THEM!

    07-29-10 » 6:04 pm »

  • Tara At The Sideshow

    Ooh. I have one of those. The squatty fat square black one. I think my brother got it for me from Christmas (I need to dig it out of some drawer). Thanks for reminding me it's cool.

    08-05-10 » 1:49 pm »

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