Happy Weekend.


+ USB ports added to traditional outlets? Yes, please.

+ Have you seen the Lost World’s Fairs project? Typographic love.

+ Love this hexagon-riddled card download.

+ Cutout sets and paper dolls aren’t just for kids.

+ Want to jazz up your front door with some type? Look no further.

+ Can’t wait to take advantage of this tutorial for lightweight cowl scarves!

Happy Weekend!

3 Comments on “Happy Weekend.”

  • dawn schreiner

    I love your blog. I must know about the “necklace” in the photo. Ribbon and flower wonderfulness.
    Thanks ever so, and happy weekend to you, too (bye summer).

    09-17-10 » 3:19 pm »

  • stephanie

    love the cut set. very brady bunch meets mad men.

    09-18-10 » 11:09 am »

  • Natasha

    Love this shot. The drink looks yummy too!

    09-20-10 » 9:08 pm »

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