Happy {Thanksgiving} Weekend.

{Annie Schlechter}

Wishing all of you in the States full bellies, lots of leftovers, many a nap, and a very Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll be taking the rest of the week off for some much needed downtime spent with family and a plethora of desserts.

+ Now you can make your own Pumpkin Pie Spice, because that stuff is ‘spensive.

+ The most adorable fireplace.

+ A Pumpkin Caipirinha, yes please!

Happy Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

9 Comments on “Happy {Thanksgiving} Weekend.”

  • Amy@OldSweetSong

    Oh, happy Thanksgiving my dear friend! I hope it’s relaxing and warm and filled with laughter and yummy treats. XOXOXOX

    11-23-10 » 3:32 pm »

  • Kelly

    have a great Thanksgiving!!

    11-23-10 » 3:55 pm »

  • laura

    have a happy thanksgiving, kelly! enjoy your time off! :)

    11-23-10 » 4:10 pm »

  • OR

    Hello and happy thanksgiving to you,

    I read your blog each week and especially the
    “happy week-end” posts wich are filled with very
    interesting links.I hope you will come to visit my blog.


    11-24-10 » 5:50 am »

  • michelle

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    11-24-10 » 11:06 am »

  • kate

    hi hi! i just stumbled upon your adorable little blog and couldn’t help but bookmark and follow you! i so look forward to following your adventures in the months to come! happy thanksgiving! xo, kate

    11-25-10 » 3:20 am »

  • Jane Flanagan

    Happy Thanksgiving Kelly!!

    11-25-10 » 9:41 am »

  • Deanna

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    11-27-10 » 1:53 pm »

  • shirley

    cheers, kelly, hope the weekend was filled with pumpkin cocktails! thanks for including our roundup of recipes.

    11-29-10 » 4:24 pm »

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