Happy Weekend.

Victor Eredel

+ Making your own cocktail mixers and packaging them in cool bottles makes for a great hostess gift.

+ This ice skating party looks like so much fun.

+ I love the idea of wood wallpaper.

+ The wrapped packages decorating this branch advent calendar are just begging to be opened.

+ Crazy delicious popcorn ball flavors.

+ These make me want to attempt making a modern gingerbread house!

+ Great illustrated cards from Tad Carpenter.

+ Check out my guest post on unique hotels at Snippet & Ink.

Happy Weekend!

5 Comments on “Happy Weekend.”

  • Meaghan

    God… those berries took my breath away when I opened the window. I can’t wait for March; snow melting and fresh black soil peeking out from underneath.

    Great list!

    12-10-10 » 9:00 pm »

  • Stephanie

    What amazing photos! Happy weekend to you too, Stephie x

    12-10-10 » 10:57 pm »

  • Faberuna

    Those are breathtaking!

    12-11-10 » 1:13 pm »

  • Marisa (Good Good)

    Those photos are stunning! And eggnog popcorn balls? I must try these!

    12-12-10 » 5:29 pm »

  • Jonathan King

    Gorgeous photography… wow. In Michigan it’s all about cherries… I don’t know what these are but the color is stunning.

    12-13-10 » 9:55 am »

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