Stuff I Like.

a.) Quarter Holder Pendent
b.) Handpainted Wooden Magnets
c.) Stainless Steel Sharpie Marker
d. ) Alarm Clock
e.) Pantone Flash Drive

3 Comments on “Stuff I Like.”

  • Sarah

    Oh my a stainless steel Sharpie! Heaven!

    12-17-10 » 10:32 am »

  • Jessie-Lee

    Love those flash drives, I have the exact same one! Cheap and pretty, what more can you ask for?

    12-17-10 » 9:57 pm »

  • Rex Barrett

    The stainless steel sharpie is fantastic and I lovED mine. Yeah, lovED. :(

    It’s missing and I’m not sure who to blame.

    01-10-11 » 11:38 am »

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