Square Containers 1.0

I like the idea of having a container garden, something not quite as permanent and less traditional. A whole mess of these Square Containers 1.0 from BILT Products would do nicely. They’re made of 12 gauge steel and range in size from 3″ square to 12″ square. Eventually, over time, the edges will rust giving them even more character. {via Simone LaBlanc Inc.}

2 Comments on “Square Containers 1.0”

  • The Lil Bee

    The colors are perfect, too…perfectly muted. Love this idea, Kel!

    01-11-11 » 8:45 am »

  • Yvette

    How much were these cool containers?? I love the colors!

    05-17-13 » 12:54 am »

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