Georgia Varidakis Jewelry

I’ve been experiencing a resurgence of my love for geology the past few weeks. While home for Christmas I bought a three inch tall piece of rough-cut quartz, then while traveling home from Salt Lake City eyed a paperweight for at least five minutes before deciding against it. Now these raw geode earrings from jeweler Georgia Varidakis are calling out to me. {via The Shiny Squirrel}

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  • Ryan Green

    Freaking. Out. These are amazing! I was afraid to look at the price, but I just clicked and now I’m really freaking out with joy. Clicking “Buy” right now.

    01-24-11 » 10:10 am »

  • Truly Smitten

    thanks kelly! and THIS is gorgeoooooooouuuus!

    01-24-11 » 11:07 am »

  • Gisel

    Where can I get these?!

    02-02-12 » 3:08 pm »

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