E.M. Gold Coins Necklaces

EmersonMade always (and I do mean always) impresses me, and so far this year is proving no different than the last. This month alone a signature tee collection was released and now there are these gold coin pendant necklaces. They hang at the perfect length, not too long or too short, and each have their own meaning. I do love that shamrock.

6 Comments on “E.M. Gold Coins Necklaces”

  • Zandri

    I so know the feeling! I’m always in love with anything & everything EM brings out – this included. I’m completely smitten with the chain as well.

    01-27-11 » 2:50 am »

  • T @ the peach chablis

    How lovely. I need to check out these folks!

    01-27-11 » 8:39 am »

  • modish

    Ooh, gorgeous! I love the lion, like a little crest!

    01-27-11 » 11:06 am »

  • wide open spaces

    sometimes I have trouble just appreciate this woman with all her spot on style and instead I just sit there moaning in envy. the girl knows what’s up.

    01-27-11 » 3:32 pm »

  • bubby and bean

    These are so pretty! I love the bird and shamrock pieces.

    01-27-11 » 9:13 pm »

  • Lindsay

    I’ve been looking for a pendant necklace, I will have to check these out!

    01-31-11 » 3:05 am »

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