Recipe Cards

I was so happy to see that these simple, clean, and well designed recipe cards from briones+co. exist. The best part is that they can be flipped over, addressed, and sent to a friend!

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  • Liz


    01-28-11 » 10:43 am »

  • Gia

    That’s cool. I just made mine recently with just cardstock paper folded into fours, so so cheap and then I checked cookbooks out at the library and have been copying recipes the past few weeks, so fun…! Then you can get a filo fax type thing and arrange in there. My cooking has improved x10

    01-28-11 » 12:01 pm »

  • Katelin

    I’ve been looking for the perfect recipe cards for so long now! Those are a great choice!

    Kate xo

    01-28-11 » 12:19 pm »

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