A Tribute to Macarons

I have a confession to make. Prior to a few weeks ago I’d never tasted a true French macaron. I’ll pause while you gather yourself. They’re something I’ve wanted to make for some time because they’re so damn beautiful. But I have this weird reaction to egg whites – they make my tongue itch uncontrollably – so I was skeptical. One bite told me all I needed, no itchiness only deliciousness. So now I’m hoping to make a batch of my own to hand out to friends for Valentine’s Day, these are what I’ve narrowed it down to. (As always click on the photos to be taken to the original source and recipe.)

12 Comments on “A Tribute to Macarons”

  • Melanie

    I was anti-macaron until just now.

    02-07-11 » 12:11 pm »

  • Lauren

    The red velvet macarons look amazing, but I am on a red velvet kick these days. Good luck with your baking!

    02-07-11 » 12:31 pm »

  • Kathleen

    HOLD UP. Was Alt your first!?

    02-07-11 » 1:17 pm »

  • Kelly

    it was. other than that the closest i’d ever gotten was ogling photos.

    02-07-11 » 1:19 pm »

  • Kathryn

    I will take seven of each.

    02-07-11 » 1:23 pm »

  • Gabrielle Beretta

    Carrot Cake, Ferrero Rocher, and Hot Chocolate Macaroons?! I’ve never heard of anything so wonderful.

    02-07-11 » 4:27 pm »

  • Chez Us

    Glad I followed some crumbs over to your site – I love it. I am really into design sites lately. Thanks for the shout-out on our Hot Chocolate macarons – they truly are delicious. I am a bit of a macaron “whore”; love eating them and love making them. Great recipe to experiment with flavors….. couple of our favorites besides the Hot Chocolate are Bittersweet Ancho Chili as well as Yellow Chartreuse.

    02-08-11 » 9:15 am »

  • Kelly

    Thanks so much, Denise!


    02-08-11 » 9:21 am »

  • Jess

    Oooh, macarons! Delicious. I’ve never made them, but one of my good friends has tried her hand at them. (Blackcurrant Black Tea Macarons: http://fifteenspatulas.com/2010/12/16/blackcurrant-black-tea-macarons/) However, my favorite place for macarons has to be Kee’s Chocolates in NYC.

    Such a pretty post!

    02-08-11 » 2:25 pm »

  • Julie

    I love that you posted this–it’s perfect timing for me. I literally went out last weekend and bought all the materials to make these (as they have been on MY list to make forever too), but I am nervous because they look so hard. Please post your results!

    02-09-11 » 4:03 pm »

  • kms

    ohhhh, how i miss my paris!

    02-10-11 » 1:15 am »

  • Kimberly Jones

    Gorgeous post! I too am utterly obsessed with macarons! I had my first one earlier this year in St. Louis. I live in a very small town, so I was ecstatic to discover an Italian market about 15 miles from my home that sells handmade macarons! The baker is a young girl who learned to make when she visited Paris! Thanks for sharing these scrumptious delights!

    02-11-11 » 11:40 am »

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