Signet Stardust Rings

I have small hands, so while I appreciate chunky cocktail rings my day to day jewelry consists of more delicate pieces. Pieces like Andrea Bonelli’s Signet Stardust Rings. I love the hammered stardust points that take these rings above and beyond with some extra sparkle. All of Andrea’s jewelry is made from recycled metals and ethically mined gems, so not only can you look fantastic but feel great about doing so. (I’m also crazy about this bracelet!)

3 Comments on “Signet Stardust Rings”

  • lizzie

    those are so beautiful! to die for, for sure!

    02-25-11 » 1:13 pm »

  • Mervi

    Oh, these are very pretty. I’m not a ring person myself, but I’d wear one of these…

    02-27-11 » 5:20 pm »

  • Kaira

    Me too! I wear a 3.5 believe it or not. Always difficult to find my size. These are super cute!

    02-28-11 » 1:30 pm »

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