Wood Glass Canisters


I’ve finally found it, the perfect canister. I love that these would be perfectly at home in my kitchen, my bathroom, or my studio.

3 Comments on “Wood Glass Canisters”

  • Caroline

    Those are so pretty!

    I’m little neurotic about storage… since sunlight can degrade nutrients in wheat I felt so happy when I found these super inexpensive opaque canisters at Ikea –

    I would love to have one or two of those ^ for sea salts and raw sugar for my coffee!

    03-04-11 » 9:59 am »

  • libby @ pinkshirtsandcarwrecks

    LOVE! So simple and clean, plus I love good wood :)

    03-08-11 » 10:28 pm »

  • Victoria

    I have shelf space in my studio just crying out for these! Filled with coloured threads or beads or buttons or….. How many have they produced?!

    Thanks for sharing.


    03-15-11 » 12:11 am »

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