Loving the distinct shapes of these food covers from switch design. It would be amazing to see more involved shapes like chicken, an egg, etc. {via Sally J Shim}

3 Comments on “FOOD COVER TOYAMA”

  • Leah @ Freutcake

    Those are amazing. That cream puff cracks me up…at least I think its a cream puff!

    03-08-11 » 12:04 pm »

  • isavirtue

    these seem somehow unrealistic (like what if you have multiple pieces of pie? or your cheese has been cut into a square shape after it’s last use, not a triangle). but I still kinda love these!… and maybe putting such a pretty barrier around my last piece of pie would make me think twice before gobbling it down!

    03-08-11 » 2:24 pm »

  • Marisa (Good Good)

    Something about these made me think they were miniature at first and thus, I flipped out a little more than necessary. It’s still awesome, though!

    03-09-11 » 12:34 am »

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