Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Bruna Marchioro


01. I want my own tiny cabin
02. The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto
03. I’ve been making a soup a week
04. pretty bracelets to support Japan
05. clever Gift Complaint Form to download
06. desktop wallpaper featuring Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day
07. love this DIY leather cuff bracelet

5 Comments on “Happy Weekend”

  • Jessica

    I am now going to spend all day dreaming of that little cabin:)

    03-25-11 » 2:29 pm »

  • Kristin

    So happy to see Corter Leather featured here! I went to art school and graduated with Eric and wearing one of those leather bracelets right now, and that photo on Josh Spear doesn’t do them justice.

    03-25-11 » 8:41 pm »

  • patience

    i LOVE that photo! it looks so unreal but i want to go and play there!!

    03-26-11 » 3:24 pm »

  • Dana Summers

    This photo is divine!!!!

    03-26-11 » 4:03 pm »

  • alicia

    Thanks for sharing my DIY leather bracelet!

    03-28-11 » 1:45 pm »

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