Lee Price




Photographs? Guess again. Lee Price creates photorealistic oil paintings, mainly of herself eating junk food, that explore body image, feminism, and cultural relationships with food. (Perhaps the Sartolialist should take note, eh?)

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  • Amy@OldSweetSong

    HOLY SHIT! These are amazing.

    03-29-11 » 10:02 am »


    I am such a ‘Foodie’ that this totally appeals to visual sense.


    03-29-11 » 10:38 am »

  • Emily B.

    I love these! Incredible.

    03-29-11 » 10:51 am »

  • patience

    there’s so many reasons i love these

    i enjoy images that are photo realistic

    i connect personally with the “personal time”/eating junk food

    i like how they are beautiful but “disgusting” all at once

    the whole issue with viewer’s expectations

    03-30-11 » 12:05 am »

  • patience

    oh my god i just went to her website and fell even more in love with her work.

    thank you thank you design crush.

    03-30-11 » 12:09 am »

  • dv

    …I don’t know what fashion photography (sart) has to do with a woman who paints photo-realism. His work is completely unique and defined…as is hers.

    03-30-11 » 1:11 am »

  • Kelly

    I was referring to his recent post this week about “curvy” women.

    03-30-11 » 7:45 am »

  • The Lil Bee

    You’re kidding me. This can’t be real. I am in complete awe. WOW. Amazing in oh so many ways!!!

    03-30-11 » 2:58 pm »

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