Hide the Good Scissors

While I’ve been taken with all things embroidery thread recently, these pieces from Hide the Good Scissors are the only ones where the thread is used for its actual intended purpose. I love them beyond words.

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  • Jasmine

    oh wow! These are sweet… I got me some el cheapo embroidery hoops from the op shop recently and was wondering what to put in them – here comes some embroidery fun for me :)

    04-27-11 » 8:08 am »

  • Rex Barrett

    Wow, these are unbelievably great. Fantastic find Kelly!

    04-27-11 » 9:38 am »

  • Kelly

    And I just found out she’s going to have a booth at Dust Bowl Flea this weekend down at the Norman Music Festival!

    04-27-11 » 9:43 am »

  • Dustbowl

    Yesyesyes! She will be at dustbowl this Saturday!

    04-27-11 » 9:50 am »

  • lizzie

    those are a FANTASTIC find.

    04-27-11 » 10:44 am »

  • fine little home

    gotta gets my hands on these for sure! ever so lovely : )

    super find, thanks for sharing!

    04-27-11 » 4:14 pm »

  • Jordan

    Thanks for sharing this and for your kind words! I hope to meet you at Dustbowl this weekend

    04-27-11 » 4:36 pm »

  • lucia

    I would love to have this little embroidered series for my very own. wonderful work.

    04-28-11 » 8:31 pm »

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