Summer Totes

Summer bags need to be big, big enough that you can toss in a bottle of sunscreen, a beach towel, and a trashy novel. Preferably they’re also light or bright, we’ve had enough overcast colors by this time of year. They need to be easily slung over a tan shoulder, and just as easily tossed into the sand or grass. Some are fabric, some leather, some straw, but one thing is for certain – by summer’s end they’re all well-loved and worn out.


BDG Awning Tote Bag


Brimfield Tote


Filson Red Label Tote Bag


Harlequin Lady Jane


the quality mending co. tote bag

2 Comments on “Summer Totes”

  • angie

    i LOVE big, roomy tote bags! the top 3 bags are my favorites. :-)

    happy weekend!

    04-29-11 » 12:30 pm »

  • lisa@pobox607

    much love for the quality mending co. tote bag! so great!

    04-29-11 » 1:00 pm »

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