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Being a designer is one thing, taking what you’ve created on screen and successfully translating it to print is another. There are so many rules and regulations (and opinions) that it can sometimes be overwhelming to remember it all. I love that A Print Handbook For Designers puts all of these little bits and pieces in one place, in fact I think it’s the best reference source of this type that I’ve seen in nine years of designing. It only costs about $10 which includes delivery, so if you’re a designer you really have no excuse left to not have your production spot on every single time. (via notcot)

8 Comments on “A Print Handbook For Designers”

  • alicia

    That looks so pretty I wouldn’t mind keeping it on my coffee table!

    05-25-11 » 9:45 am »

  • Faberuna

    Thanks for the info. I really need to get a copy. Great price too!

    05-25-11 » 11:15 am »

  • Jenne

    Thanks for the tip. I started my career at an ad agency, where there was always someone else around to deal with these kind of details. Now that I am returning to work as a freelancer, I have forgotten it all!

    05-25-11 » 11:49 am »

  • stephanie

    that is super cool. and now i need it.

    05-25-11 » 12:34 pm »

  • morgan

    This is awesome – getting one right now!

    05-25-11 » 1:38 pm »

  • Kristin

    And bought. Yes!

    05-25-11 » 5:31 pm »

  • lizzie

    that is amazing…print is so amorphous and terrifying for me.

    05-25-11 » 10:36 pm »

  • KariAnn

    Bought it. This will be a great resource for me.

    05-27-11 » 1:45 pm »

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