Madam Geneva’s Jam Cocktail

PHOTO: yumsugar

This cocktail is brilliant on about ten different levels. Madam Geneva’s Jam Cocktail – from the Manhattan gin bar Madam Geneva – requires only five simple ingredients that you’re likely to have around your house already: gin or vodka, lemon jiuce, simple syrup, jam, and crushed ice. Seems life-changing to me.

2 Comments on “Madam Geneva’s Jam Cocktail”

  • Gabrielle Beretta

    I don’t know if it’s the list of ingredients, the fact that it’s pictured in a jar (so cute!), or if I’ve just had a long day & need a drink…but I’m pretty sure I need that. Now.

    05-25-11 » 3:35 pm »

  • mikelite

    we went here for The Wife’s birthday & it’s awesome. the drinks are delicious and the apps are packed with flavor. Plus, it’s in the back of a restaurant, so you’ve got to sneak through a hidden door.

    05-26-11 » 5:13 pm »

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