The Sidebar



I love my refurbished bar cabinet and wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I’m really drawn to The Sidebar. It would be so handsome in my entryway where I could introduce it to my guests and ask if they’d like a Sidecar from my Sidebar. (Sorry for that one. But not really.) (via Apartment Therapy)

PS: Check out the equally gorgeous glasses

4 Comments on “The Sidebar”

  • Brianne

    I totally want something similar, but I think it’s a little strange that the whole top moves.

    05-25-11 » 12:08 pm »

  • Kelly

    i love that about it!

    05-25-11 » 12:16 pm »

  • megan


    05-25-11 » 1:23 pm »

  • Laura

    i saw this piece at ICFF last week. there was a crowd around it the whole time – and it’s just stunning. the glassware too. love it.

    05-25-11 » 11:10 pm »

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