Go On, Make One

I’m always messing around with one project or another, but in the past few months I’ve been gung ho on DIY. I don’t know whether I’m just noticing the great projects out there more, or maybe following some new blogs that are chock full of ideas and inspiration. And you know what? I don’t care which it is because I’m feeling more creative than ever. I’ve already started a few of the projects below and thought you might like to take a shot at them as well.


PHOTO + LINK: Style Scrapbook
DIY “Yellow Clutch”


PHOTO + LINK: eat.live.shop.
Fabric Covered Notebooks


PHOTO + LINK: Dismount Creative
Gilded Jewelry


Fringed Leather Necklace


Color Blocked Pouch


PHOTO + LINK: Dismount Creative
Faux Enamel Necklace


PHOTO + LINK: Honestly WTF
Pom Pom Necklace


PHOTO + LINK: The Brick House
Shelving Unit

7 Comments on “Go On, Make One”

  • amy b.s.

    i am so in need of an awesome cluch. i’m just not sure if i did it myself it would turn out very awesome!

    06-03-11 » 10:21 am »

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the feature!

    Also, I’m going to have to try that shelving method if I ever own a home. SO SWEET.

    06-03-11 » 11:03 am »

  • The Lil Bee

    That painted clutch is one of my all-time favorite DIYs. I’m actually thinking of trying it, and I’m really not the DIY kinda gal. I also love the pompom necklaces. Awesome roundup, my sweet!

    06-03-11 » 11:59 am »

  • Kelly

    You’re welcome, Melissa! You come up with the best projects.

    06-03-11 » 12:02 pm »

  • Kelly

    Oooh, try it! I want to so badly.

    06-03-11 » 12:03 pm »

  • Leslie

    love these ideas!

    06-03-11 » 12:43 pm »

  • caitlin t.

    love the faux enamel necklace! such an awesome idea!

    06-03-11 » 7:28 pm »

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