Nixon Time Teller P

Last Saturday I was out and about and decided to reward myself (more on that later) with a new watch. The Nixon Time Teller P to be exact, my watch brand of choice. I bought my first as a 24th birthday gift to myself, an awesome skinny-strapped black leather double wrap with a rectangular electric blue face that they sadly no longer make. Shortly thereafter I stopped wearing a watch altogether because I was tired of it banging against my desk while I designed. But when I saw this shocking pink beauty with a silicone everything I knew I’d struck gold. It’s a men’s watch, which I prefer and comes in a great array of bright monotones. The thing is, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get used to looking at my wrist for the time ever again…

4 Comments on “Nixon Time Teller P”

  • pixelhazard

    Oh i’ve been looking for a nice watch but the only one i could find was a $300 guess ceramic watch. this is so lovely thought. Fun for every day

    Bright Green Laces

    06-09-11 » 8:32 am »

  • Diana

    Admiring you new watch! Now committed to getting a new battery for my Swiss Army model(also a men’s). A glance at the wrist beats pulling out my cell to check the time.

    06-09-11 » 10:04 am »

  • Anna

    i love it. i always bought diesel watches in mens as well. i like having them oversized.

    06-09-11 » 10:25 am »

  • Jordana @ White Cabana

    Looks good. I notice it comes in white too! Now I just have to figure out where they sell Nixon where I live.

    06-09-11 » 5:59 pm »

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