Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Julie Pike

01. making some old school chevron friendship bracelets this weekend
02. Talk-o-meter is an app that shows just how much everyone is participating in a conversation
03. a great video explaining letterpress
04. make your own A-frame tent!
05. turn your power cords into wall art
06. rad reclaimed wood neckties
07. can’t stop thinking about these chocolate mousse + caramel tarts – YUM!

5 Comments on “Happy Weekend”

  • fine little home

    i am sooooo getting the talk-o-meter app! i will finally be able to prove that a certain someone takes over every conversation (cough cough wink wink). thanks for the secret weapon ; )
    happy weekend to you too!

    06-10-11 » 3:21 pm »

  • Miss B.

    Lol, I want to make some of those friendship bracelets too!

    06-10-11 » 11:48 pm »

  • adele

    Got to get that app!
    Hope you had a good weekend xoxo

    06-13-11 » 4:15 am »

  • jena

    saw your bracelet on instagram, looked awesome!

    06-13-11 » 12:57 pm »

  • Kelly

    I think I ended up making five this week – it’s becoming a fast addiction!

    06-13-11 » 1:00 pm »

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