Mint Brass Necklace

Mint green is one of my color weaknesses. Honestly. Make anything this calm, cool color and I’m all about it. Today it’s this brilliant mint brass necklace from Kim Dulaney. I’m working on building up my jewelry collection with pieces I can throw on with anything and feel awesome. This needs to be a part of it.


Things My Father Taught Me


Just before Father’s Day I was asked by a blog that shall remain anonymous to contribute a post about what my father has taught me. Good, bad, everything in between. The blogger failed to post my story and a few others (much to our dismay), but I thought the post might be worth sharing here.


My dad and I have always had a bit of an up and down relationship, but he’s still managed to teach me quite a bit. Some from things he did, some from things he didn’t do. Some from actions speaking louder than words, and some from the opposite. There’s a lot to be said for that point when you realize your parents are people, they have flaws and misgivings and regrets. That point of acceptance changed my life.

Always be yourself, whatever that means to you. Be the girl who gets dropped off at school in the 5th grade on the back of a motorcycle. Don’t be afraid to mix lunch meats on a sandwich. Follow your dreams. Sometimes too far. Learn to make a great breakfast and master the grill. It’s okay to be the quiet one in the background, but speak your mind when it tells you to. Learn to drive a stick shift, preferably from someone with patience. Learn to be patient. Everyone has regrets, turn them into lessons. Age is just a number, it’s how you feel inside that counts. Don’t worry about what other’s think, you’re the one who has to live with you. (How they feel is a different story.) Don’t be afraid to make new memories, just don’t forget the old ones. Do anything for a friend or family member. Spring for the quality alcohol, your hangover will thank you. Be affectionate with your children, even if your parents weren’t with you. Old habits die hard. Fix the wrongs in your life while you still have the luxury of time. It really is the thought that counts.