ARWEY was kind enough to send me one of their well-thought out, well-designed notebooks. Being the multi-tasker that I am, I went with the Lewitt in bright red. (Although maybe I should have gone with the fuchsia. Oh, decisions.) The set-up is really nice. On the left of the trifold is a blank paged notebook, the center houses an expandable pocket along with a pen/holder and business card slot, and on the right sits a lined notebook. The entire thing binds together nicely with the aid of an elastic band. I think my favorite part is the vivid canvas cover – it makes the entire thing tougher for me to lose in my bag, a job in itself. ARWEY just launched their new site with lots and lots of fantastic notebooks and organizational tools, check it out.

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8 Comments on “ARWEY”

  • rooth

    If I heart this because it’s exactly what my Dodo iPad case looks like, is that lame?

    07-06-11 » 11:50 pm »

  • Sarah

    Looks great!

    07-07-11 » 12:02 am »

  • adele

    Gorgeous! I would have gone with the fuscia, just cos I like pink!!!!

    07-07-11 » 3:30 am »

  • Kristine

    Oh my, I love that! I’ve have o get my hands on one of those! I’m like a organisation-freak, haha!

    / couturestreet.wordpress.com

    07-08-11 » 3:55 am »

  • Alba

    Ohh! love it! and it´s FSC Certified, great!

    07-09-11 » 1:44 am »

  • regina

    oh, you should know these ones by a young german designe: you can choose interior+exterior colour+material among size and other personalizable features (oh, sorry, poor you..!), good to organize whatever you usually take with you. have mine for years already and love it!


    07-15-11 » 9:34 am »

  • Rick

    Before you buy anything from Arwey, you should be aware of their poor customer service and shady practices. I ordered some notebooks from them and they never delivered them and refused to refund my money. As a result, I’m out $50. I’m working with the bank to resolve and reported them to the BBB.

    07-27-11 » 5:48 am »

  • Kelly

    i had a pleasant experience myself Rick, but that you for sharing yours. it’s always good to hear from multiple customers!

    07-27-11 » 7:59 am »

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