CODE Rings

┬áLulu Frost always has the best pieces, I fell in love with her and her work years ago. It had been awhile since I’d seen anything new when these CODE rings popped up on my radar. The number four is my favorite/lucky number and I love how subtle the design is on it in particular.

4 Comments on “CODE Rings”

  • adele

    gorgeous rings xoxo

    07-25-11 » 2:15 pm »

  • rooth

    Love the rings but what’s up with the price tag? I decree that they should cost as much as the incorporated number

    07-25-11 » 11:30 pm »

  • Jazzy

    Oh my word, that is so gorgeous. You are right about it being subtle, but I love that the most. I would definitely wear this.


    07-26-11 » 5:59 am »

  • Chelsea

    WHAT>?! I love these… I’m gonna need a two and a three.

    07-26-11 » 6:43 pm »

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