Even More S’mores


You people can’t get enough s’mores. Seriously. This post from last year is responsible for my highest stats ever, a year later and sites are still picking it up to repost. Complete insanity, but who am I to interfere with your summer s’mores fix? An enabler, that’s who. Here are twenty more recipes to give you your fix in a plethora of forms over the next twelve months. Enjoy and send me some in an envelope, please. [Click on the image to head to the recipe link]





















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21 Comments on “Even More S’mores”

  • adele

    Now I need chocolate!!!

    08-03-11 » 10:39 am »

  • MG

    Oh no. Now you know what I’ll be doing this weekend. I am obsessed with s’mores

    08-03-11 » 11:06 am »

  • Dessert Darling


    08-03-11 » 11:23 am »

  • claire@gibsonking

    wow, so much goodness!!!!

    08-03-11 » 12:10 pm »

  • Marvelous A

    Diabetic coma just from looking at the photos. o.O Mmm.

    08-03-11 » 1:55 pm »

  • Christina Shumway

    This is insanity! I have scrolled up and down looking at these five times. Yes, that is correct. Brilliant.

    08-03-11 » 4:25 pm »

  • Jennifer

    These smore recipes are all to die for. What a great compilation, I will definitely be trying some of these recipes! Love from my blog

    08-03-11 » 4:46 pm »

  • Lindsey Michelle

    Oh man, I am drooling on my keyboard right now. I LOVE s’mores. L-O-V-E love s’mores. yum! Thanks for sharing all of these!


    08-03-11 » 5:04 pm »

  • Ashley

    This post is amazing! Wow, wow, wow! Thanks for sharing such s’mores brilliance!!

    08-03-11 » 10:02 pm »

  • Emily M

    ok, you got me with those peanut butter crunch smores bars. i mean, i already had all the ingredients so how could i not make them?! they will be tasted and devoured very very soon :)

    08-04-11 » 8:34 am »

  • Kelly

    YUM! enjoy!

    08-04-11 » 8:43 am »

  • Desi McKinnon

    i had the most amazing dessert in denver last week and it was a s’more pot de creme. homemade graham cracker was just the right texture and flavor. can’t stop thinking about it.

    08-04-11 » 6:28 pm »

  • Kelly

    that sounds to die for!

    08-04-11 » 6:34 pm »

  • stephanie

    are you kidding me??????

    08-05-11 » 10:46 am »

  • Andrea

    Everything about this post oozes with awesomeness.

    08-06-11 » 8:36 am »

  • Courtney

    I made s’mores last night! Love them. (oh! And your post is up!!)

    08-06-11 » 8:52 pm »

  • Sherry

    Oh my gosh this post is insane!!!! My mouth is watering like crazy!! S’mores brownies and cupcakes and cheesecake???? Where has this been all my life??!!! LOVE it! :)

    08-08-11 » 12:00 am »

  • Katelyn

    Now I am STARVING. I love all of these ideas!

    08-08-11 » 7:38 am »

  • Lauren

    Today is National S’mores day! This is perfect!

    08-10-11 » 9:42 am »

  • ag.

    Okay, really?! Do I really need to be drooling so early in the day? YUMMMM!

    08-10-11 » 10:25 am »

  • RC

    OMG. I LOVE this post with all my heart <3 :)

    09-15-11 » 7:45 am »

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