Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore’s kaleidoscopic art sucks me in with a glance, and where I can see some people finding it too intense I find it rather relaxing.

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  • adele

    I love the last shot – most are the sort of things that make you boz eyed!!

    08-24-11 » 9:40 am »

  • Cristina

    These are wonderful. I love the colors in the first one, and the last one would be a wonderful image to view while laying in bed at night.

    08-24-11 » 1:50 pm »

  • Monica

    that first image is amazing, love it and thanks so much for sharing :)

    08-25-11 » 5:52 am »

  • Giorgio

    I wonder if you have seen the works of Painter Victor Vasarely?

    08-26-11 » 9:32 am »

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