Clockwise from upper left: MUCU large blank notebook, Lisa Stickley classic pencils, russell + hazel yummy folder set, russell + hazel mini binder, Lisa Stickley classic day book, russell + hazel index notebook


I’m such a big nerd, every August I miss school so much! I always need to be learning something or tackling a new project to avoid feeling stagnant. But in all honesty my favorite part is shopping for new school supplies. I’d love to pick up the beauties above for the next big thing I’ve got up my sleeve!

7 Comments on “Back-to-School”

  • Lauren K

    I’m exactly the same way. I always feel a tinge of envy come fall.

    09-02-11 » 8:28 am »

  • rooth

    Can I buy notebooks just for the sake of buying notebooks?

    09-02-11 » 8:52 am »

  • Kelly

    of course you can! i do it all the time.

    09-02-11 » 9:07 am »

  • Connie @ Daydream In Color

    Sigh! I just have such a weakness for school supplies. Well maybe I really should replace “weakness” with “addiction.”

    09-02-11 » 9:26 am »

  • adele

    I used to love getting my new pencil case with matching pens, pencils,ruler,sharpener, eraser etc etc. That was the best bit about going back to school!!!

    09-02-11 » 11:21 am »

  • nikkieve

    I heart stationary!
    so cute and useful (or thats what I tell myself)

    09-06-11 » 9:30 am »

  • amourette

    polka dot pencils oh my!!

    09-12-11 » 12:06 pm »

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