Romantic Star Projector

The Romantic Star Projector is just that, insanely romantic. A rainy night, a living room picnic and I’m yours.

Another thing I’m in love with? There’s also an option to download DIY instructions if you’d rather put in the time yourself.

(via Cup of Jo)

6 Comments on “Romantic Star Projector”

  • Jess

    This is amazing!! Sooo romantic and sweet. Thanks for sharing the DIY instructions. xo


    09-26-11 » 11:28 am »

  • Michelle

    I love this! I just bought this for my husband for Christmas. I really want to give it to him early!

    09-26-11 » 11:33 am »

  • adele

    Oh I love it….I’m such a romantic this would be perfect for me xoxo

    09-26-11 » 11:39 am »

  • Lyndsy

    Oh my gosh I love this!!!

    10-05-11 » 11:30 am »

  • gerry

    not just romantic but good for some wicked tripping

    10-05-11 » 1:30 pm »

  • Jessica Apgar

    Has anyone tried to purchase this? I ordered mine over a month ago and haven’t gotten it yet…and their customer service isn’t the greatest :/

    12-06-11 » 7:01 pm »

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