Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Noah Kalina

01/ build 3D letters out of this font
02/ here’s your chance to be engaged to Prince William
03/ organic kaleidoscopes
04/ a magical stop motion wedding video
05/ ad agency launches first (fictitious) cat video division
06/ Gift Magazine’s 2011 Holiday Guide
07/ I want to walk the roller coaster walkway!

3 Comments on “Happy Weekend”

  • Rebecca @ white-styl

    Kites are on my list of presents to by children this years, so I love that photo. Your links are great, that stop motion wedding video is amazing.

    11-20-11 » 5:36 pm »

  • rooth

    That roller coaster walkway is something else!

    11-20-11 » 9:37 pm »

  • Nancy

    Catvertising is brilliant – appreciate you sharing! I will pass along.

    11-20-11 » 11:18 pm »

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