10 Desserts I’d Be Making If I Weren’t In Charge of the Green Bean Casserole










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13 Comments on “10 Desserts I’d Be Making If I Weren’t In Charge of the Green Bean Casserole”

  • rachael adele // for the love of design

    i laughed when i saw the title post. i always get put in charge of the green bean casserole. somehow it’s just not as fun as something sweet. that apple cider cream pie looks delish!

    11-21-11 » 11:28 am »

  • Cristina

    That pudding looks delish! Although I am a fan of green bean casserole, and would almost rather have that than a fancy dessert. Can you believe my bf had never herd of it until he meet my family?! Honestly 😉

    11-21-11 » 12:14 pm »

  • adele

    The crockpot caramel apple crumble sounds a dream xoxo

    11-21-11 » 12:24 pm »

  • Rebekah

    oh maaaaan… the maple pie!!!

    11-21-11 » 1:21 pm »

  • Becky at Vintage Mixer

    Great line up! If I were your guests I’d be assigning you the dessert not the green beans :) We’re on the same wavelength because I posts my favorite Thanksgiving Dessert recipes today also!!

    11-21-11 » 3:00 pm »

  • rooth

    Oh that layered apple pie is delicious looking – I am drooling now

    11-21-11 » 5:47 pm »

  • Carri Bakeaholic Mama

    I laughed at the title… I used to ALWAYS be the one that brought green bean cassarole. That is my least favorite dish on Thanksgiving. So glad I’m hosting this year so I can steal the show!

    11-21-11 » 5:52 pm »

  • cassie

    luckily i am in charge of dessert. and luckily now i know what im making….pumpkin lust cake 😉 thanks!

    11-21-11 » 11:36 pm »

  • CupcakeHayatlar

    loved all of them. they are like art pieces. and look so yummy. have a Cupcake sweet day!

    11-22-11 » 8:17 am »

  • Chessa!

    you just upped the ante…big time! I’m going to pick one to make from your list.

    11-22-11 » 10:31 am »

  • Kelly

    yessssss! can’t wait to see what you decide upon.

    11-22-11 » 10:36 am »

  • Kristina Gulino

    Holy. Moly.

    Something 2 Write About

    11-22-11 » 6:16 pm »

  • dustjacket

    That heading just cracked me up….I’ll have some of the apple crumble thanks.

    11-22-11 » 9:09 pm »

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