The Guide to Living Colourfully




My new favorite hostess gift in this season of parties, check out Kate Spade’s The Guide to Living Colourfully Book Set. Learn important things like where to stay in Morocco and how to pick the perfect red lipstick. Aren’t the illustrations and type rather grand?

6 Comments on “The Guide to Living Colourfully”


    nothing less than colorful could be expected from Kate Spade… the hostess that gets that gift will be the happiest person at the get-together!!

    11-23-11 » 11:09 am »

  • adele

    OMG! I have to have this!!!!

    11-23-11 » 11:13 am »

  • Caitlin

    I love this – a perfect gift for the holidays! Enjoy your holiday weekend!


    11-23-11 » 12:22 pm »

  • tastynchic

    Am loving the bright colors lately. What a great gift idea!

    A. @

    11-23-11 » 6:19 pm »

  • rooth

    Kate is totally hitting the ball out of the park this year – thanks for sharing

    11-23-11 » 11:42 pm »

  • Raspberry & Rouge

    I need that! XO Rebecca

    11-24-11 » 4:00 am »

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